A look at what other University Press blogs are featuring

From fracking to railroads far away, a sampling of blog entries from a handful other University Presses.

Cornell University Press features the coverage of its author Tom Wilbur, whose new book on fracking, Under the Surface, has been making headlines.

Duke University Press author Nicholas Mirzoeff takes his book, “We Are All Childrenof Algeria,” on revolutionary film in Algeria, to the digital age by giving people who buy his book access online to the films discussed in his book.

Georgetown University Press celebrates winning two Catholic Press Association Awards.

Harvard University Press features a column by Judge Richard Posner on the “Goofy” Republican Party and asks the question on everyone’s mind, What is the Higgs particle? Why is it important?

Indiana University Press offers a staff recommendation: On Railways Far Away by William D. Middleton.

Mississippi State University Press is promoting its forthcoming memoir We End in Joy by Mississippi governor Kirk Fordice’s daughter.

MIT Press showcases Toward A MInor Architecture by Jill Stoner.

Oxford University Press  features The Wartime Presidency, Protestantism in Hollywood, and a video on snails.

University of Georgia Press writes about moving back on campus.

University of Illinois Press links to an NPR feature on Michael Charry’s recent biography of Clevelend Orchestra conductor George Szell, and offers a Q&A with Ghost of the Ozarks author Brooks Blevins.

University of Minnesota Press presents a blog entry by Larry Millett, architectural historian and author of Sherlock Holmes and the Rune Stone Mystery.

University of Nebraska Press is promoting its summer sale on select books.

University of North Carolina Press excerpts Creating Consumers by Carolyn M. Goldstein.


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