Celebrating University Press Week and Temple University Press’ worldwide influence

Temple University Press is proud to be celebrating University Press Week. Initiated by the American Association of University Presses (AAUP), University Press Week highlights the extraordinary work of university presses and their many contributions to culture, the academy, and society.

takes you around the globe by showing where our influence is felt in the 2012 seasons.
  • Red pins illustrate the broad geographic areas covered in just our 2012 books, ranging across four continents and fourteen countries.
  • Green pins represent countries where local publishers have licensed the rights to TUP books in their particular languages.
  • Yellow pins represent cities where 2012 Temple University Press authors work.
  • Light Blue pins represent the countries that have purchased Temple University Press books.

Temple University Press used its Spring and Fall 2012 catalogs to determine what titles/authors and countries to feature for this map. One we started plotting we were happily amazed at the extent of what we were able to cover with just this one year of data. We did have to make decisions on how to represent things–e.g., using a capital city to represent a country/geographic region–we also reviewed the complete information carefully to make sure it did accurately represent the influence/coverage of Temple University Press books.  As the University’s slogan boasts “Temple Owls Are Everywhere” so too are Temple University Press books!

The AAUP just published a post about University Press influence maps on its website Digital Digest


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