A thorough makover of a classic classroom mainstay

This week in North Philly Notes, Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, co-editors of Critical Race Theory: The Cutting Edge, Third Edition, offer some thoughts on their new collection.

CriticalRaceTheory_3_smWhen we of us agreed to prepare a new edition of our reader, Critical Race Theory: The Cutting Edge, Barack Obama’s presidency had recently unleashed a flood of new writing on race and racism.  On topics ranging from AIDS in the black community, to undocumented Latino immigration, to imprisonment rates and profiling of foreign-looking drivers and pedestrians, the nation was coming to terms with a burgeoning population of color, coupled with strenuous insistence from conservatives that the solution to American’s race problems lay in colorblindness and a refusal to recognize the new reality.

With about 40 percent new material, this third edition is a thoroughgoing makeover. It includes new chapters on black males “on the down low,” scholarly activists who challenge harsh conditions in maquiladora factories just across the US-Mexico border, hyper-vigilant surveillance and hate crimes against Muslims, workers of color forced to act white on the job, and more.

We hope our readers will enjoy  Critical Race Theory: The Cutting Edge as much as we did working on it. 

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