2nd Day of University Press Week looks at the Future of Scholarly Communication


It’s University Press Week! All week long university presses will be participating in the UP Week Blog Tour, where presses will be blogging each day about a different theme that relates to scholarly publishing. For the full Blog Tour schedule, click here.

November 12 – Future of Scholarly Communication:

Duke University Press: Priscilla Wald, Professor of English and Women’s Studies at Duke University, will discuss the slow future of scholarly communication.

Harvard University Press: Jeffrey Schnapp, faculty director of metaLAB (at) Harvard and editor of the new metaLABprojects book series, will discuss the emerging currents of experimental scholarship for which the series provides a platform.

Stanford University Press: Alan Harvey, Press Director, will discuss the challenges presented by new technologies in publishing, and how the industry model is adapting to new reading-consumption habits.

University of Virginia Press: Historian Holly Shulman, editor of The Dolley Madison Digital Edition and the forthcoming People of the Founding Era, looks at the need for university presses to adapt to new technologies, while acknowledging the difficulties of doing so.

University of Texas Press: Robert Devens, Assistant Editor-in-Chief for the University of Texas Press, will discuss the future of scholarly communication.

University of Minnesota Press: Editor Dani Kasprzak will announce a new UMP initiative.

Temple University Press: Our own Director, Alex Holzman, explores the partnerships university presses and libraries can forge as the means of communicating scholarship evolves.

Follow the University Press Week blog tour to learn about the importance of university presses. For a complete list of University Press Week events, visit universitypressweek.org

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