3rd Day of University Press Week – Spotlight on Subject Areas

It’s University Press Week! All week long university presses will be participating in the UP Week Blog Tour, where presses will be blogging each day about a different theme that relates to scholarly publishing. For the full Blog Tour schedule, click here.

November 13 – Subject Area Spotlight:
Wilfrid Laurier University Press: Cheryl Lousley, editor of the Environmental Humanities series, writes about the engagement of environmental issues through the humanities disciplines, such as literature, film, and media studies. She outlines the genesis of the series and discusses some of the most recent publications.

University of Georgia Press: Nik Heynen, series co-editor, will discuss the Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation series and how it relates to UGA Press.

Texas A&M University PressCharles Porter, Texas historian and author of the forthcoming book Sharing the Common Pool: Water Rights in the Everyday Lives of Texans, discusses the many facets of Texas history explored in books and series published by Texas A&M University Press.

MIT Press: Gita Manaktala, Editorial Director, writes about the possibilities of the web MIT Press authors are using for scholarship, finding newly mediated ways to teach,
conduct research, present data, and engage with various publics.

University of Pennsylvania Press: Penn Press acquisitions editors discuss the foundations and future of some of the press’s key subject areas.

University of Toronto Press: will discuss the Medieval and Renaissance Studies lists at University of Toronto Press.

Follow the University Press Week blog tour to learn about the importance of university presses. For a complete list of University Press Week events, visit universitypressweek.org


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